Documentary Filmmaker

Tim Ljunggren

“If you were born with the ability to change someone’s perspective or emotions, never waste that gift. It is one of the most powerful gifts God can give—the ability to influence.” 

- Shannon L. Alder

TIM LJUNGGREN is an Episcopal priest and a filmmaker. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Bexley Hall and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology/Psychology from the University of the State of New York (Albany). Tim has served as an adjunct professor of filmmaking at the University of Providence (Great Falls, Montana) and has written two books on the creative process: Koan Kreativity: Using Ancient Wisdom to Inspire Modern Creativity and The Art of Now: Creativity in the Present Moment. He lives in Great Falls, Montana, where he has served as priest at the Church of the Incarnation for the past 15 years.


  • Converge: E Pluribus Unum